Summer Courses

Gender Studies Summer Courses 2017

Session A (June 26th - August 4th)

M111 Women and Film: Sex in the Cinema
Instructor: Jennifer Moorman – TR 10:45am-12:50pm
Course Description: Beginning with the earliest days of the medium, in films like Edison's The Kiss (1896) and Edwin S. Porter’s What Happened in the Tunnel (1903), filmmakers have sought to titillate and provoke. In this course, we will explore the ambivalent and contested relationship between sex, gender, and the cinema, interrogating women’s authorship and agency as filmmakers and stars, and ways in which women’s roles have been regulated on screen, from the earliest days of the medium to romantic comedies in the present day. Focusing primarily on American cinema, we will consider how race, class, and other identity categories intersect with and inflect cinematic depictions of sexuality and examine the ways in which movies have depicted and engaged with sex – as subject matter, spectacle, subtext, and marketing tool.

GS 10 Introduction to Gender Studies

GS 102 Power (Gender Studies Required Core Course)

Session C (Aug 7th - Sept 15th)

M149 Media, Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality
Instructor: Angela Robinson – W 1:00pm-4:50pm
Course Description: Examination of manner in which media culture induces people to perceive various dominant and dominated and/or colonized groups of people.  Ways in which women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, racial, and ethnic marginalized peoples, class relations, and other subaltern or subordinated groups are presented and often misrepresented in media. Investigation and employment of practical applications of communications and feminist theories for understanding ideological nature of stereotyping and politics of representation through use of media, guest presentations, lectures, class discussions, and readings.  Introduction to theory and practice of cultural studies.

GS 104 Bodies (Gender Studies Required Core Course)

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